Deprivation and Dehydration Standard for Male Models

“You, too, can’t have a body like this” by Peta Bee at The Times Online

Male model Daniel Martin for Men's Health magazine
Male model Daniel Martin for Men’s Health 

Daniel Martin regularly puts his body through hell. For days at a time he restricts fluid intake so severely that the resulting dehydration causes headaches, haziness and overwhelming fatigue. Having trained for weeks like an Olympian with high-intensity circuits, running and weightlifting, he then cuts out exercise for 48 hours and opens a bottle of red wine to drink alone. A six-day carbohydrate-depletion diet, in which he eats little more than chicken and broccoli, leaves his muscles weak and his brain so starved of glycogen, its source of fuel, that he feels dizzy and disorientated when he stands up. He can barely walk, let alone hit the gym. And the reason for this torturous ritual of self-deprivation? Martin is preparing to bare his abs in a photoshoot for the cover of one of Britain’s top-selling men’s magazines. At 33, Martin is a veteran of the fitness model circuit, his finely etched torso having gleamed from the pages of Men’s Health, the market leader, more often than that of any other cover model. He has the body and looks that epitomise…

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2 thoughts on “Deprivation and Dehydration Standard for Male Models

  1. very true. you dont seem to stop and think about exactly how one can get to looking that good. many assume its a case of simply from lots of exercise and eating well. some people this is the case. others need to go to more drastic lengths.

  2. wow! This article was very eye opening. I was very unaware that some men go through these extraordinary lengths to achieve perfection. It’s a shame that being Normal is Scrawny and being Brawny is an ideal of beauty that is unnatainable and limiting for the wide array of beauty that is present in the world. This article is helpful is useful in bringing about awareness about this issue. Good read.

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