Fellowship Program

“Adiós, Barbie: Redefining Beauty and Power through a Social Justice Lens”

Since the dawn of the world wide web, or at least since 1998, Adiós Barbie pioneered the digital intersectional feminist movement, not only by making feminist, queer, and critical race and ethnic academic theory accessible to all, but also by successfully running activist campaigns calling for more frequent and accurate representations of those absent or stereotyped in the media. As the first intersectional feminist online magazine that grew out of the zine movement, we continue to promote radical self- acceptance, power, and love for folks of all sizes, ages, races, cultures, abilities, LGBTQ+ identities, and more.

Today, Adiós Barbie’s Fellowship Program aims to support the growth of emerging, diverse voices in the intersectional feminist sphere. We are in search of enthusiastic, social justice-committed team members to join us in our work towards building the equitable rights of and opportunities for communities left on the margins. Folks of all backgrounds and experiences are encouraged to apply, especially BIPOC.


 Four, 5-month fellowships (August to December ) are currently available. Each position requires approximately 10-15 hours of work per week (schedules are flexible). Fellows will join one of three projects: Writing & Publishing, Social Media, or Outreach & Development. Please see below for a description of roles and responsibilities for each position.

Writing & Publishing

Are you a passionate writer looking to change the world one word at a time? This position is ideal for writers in search of honing their research and writing abilities by navigating time-relevant topics of their interest. This is an ideal opportunity for you to ask lots of questions, conduct research, tell your story, and learn about the root causes of today’s most pressing political and social issues, all while engaging in thought-provoking discussions. You will be mentored by the Adios Barbie team to bring your thoughts and ideas to life while building an online presence and cultivating your voice as a writer. Fellows will:

  • Conduct research on time-sensitive topics while you develop content for our website
  • Write and publish a minimum of one original piece per month
  • Identify, secure permission to cross-post, and publish material on a weekly basis
  • Original work or cross-post content should vary in format (i.e. articles, interviews, personal pieces, podcasts, videos, listicles, etc.)
  • Assist in website maintenance activities.
  • Two positions available.

Social Media

This fellowship is designed for tech-savvy creatives who enjoy exploring the dynamics and metrics of online platforms and love connecting with people. Are you all about social media or have a knack for marketing? Join us and learn about the ins and outs of digital activism! The fellow will:

  • Plan and schedule social media posts
  • Assist with content and media creation or collection (i.e. graphics)
  • Contribute to the development and execution of social media projects such as social media campaigns or event promotions
  • Communicate and interact with our followers via social media (moderating comments, responding to messages, etc.)
  • Track and report engagement and follower growth regularly
  • Create a plan based on social media’s latest trends and engagement patterns.
  • One position available

Outreach & Development

If you are an energetic doer committed to turning ideas into action that creates real-time awareness and change, then you’re the perfect fit for this role. The fellow will harness ways to engage with and mobilize the online community, forging partnerships to build power and drive change. The fellow will:

  • Increase the visibility and impact of Adios Barbie’s work to expand our influence
  • Assist in the development and execution of the organization’s communication and strategic plan
  • Manage calendar of campaigns, events, and significant dates.
  • Create marketing strategies that foster partnerships with activists and allies in the social justice, mental health (including eating disorders in communities of color), and intersectional feminist sector
  • Establish contacts and regularly update our list of partners and resources
  • Coordinate the publication of Adios Barbie’s quarterly newsletter
  • One position available


Wondering if you’ll be a good fit? We are actively seeking candidates who are:

  • Empathetic, even empathic, with a working knowledge of the following issues and how they intersect: social justice, intersectional feminism, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, size, dis/ability, mental health (i.e. eating disorders), and more
  • Curiosity and ability to ask questions, and learn through mentorship and investigation on your own (we don’t expect experts, just a passion to grow)
  • Commitment to collaboration with ability to be self-directed
  • Highly-reliable self-starters who take initiative while balancing self-care
  • Driven by a strong work ethic and commitment to Adiós Barbie’s mission
  • People who like to have fun and laugh at themselves

Fellowships are remote positions (anyone, anywhere in the world may apply); that said, applicants must have reliable high-speed internet connections and be well versed in online communications.


Adiós Barbie has and will always be run entirely by volunteers. As such, these fellowships are unpaid in the capitalist sense, but you will walk away with valuable skills, abilities, opportunities, friends, and knowledge.

Through the Fellowship Program, we train, mentor, and genuinely care about nurturing emerging talent. We will work with you to enhance your professional abilities in your desired field of work, for example, we can assist you with developing a portfolio that showcases work that is authentically yours. Upon the successful completion of your fellowship, we would be more than happy to be listed as a reference or provide you with a written recommendation. We would also be open to discussing your ongoing role as a contributor or as a member of our leadership team.

Fellows are the heart of Adiós Barbie and have developed much of what you see on our platforms today. Past fellows have gone on to work with or contribute to Everyday Feminism, Planned Parenthood, Feministing, Bustle, Bitch, Proud2Bme, Mic, The Independent, Ravishly, the Huffington Post, Latina Magazine, the New York Times, Cosmo, and Vice, among others.


 To be considered for the fellowship, applicants must submit:

  • A resume
  • A 500-word cover letter that describes:
    • How you heard about us
    • Why Adios Barbie?
    • Your interest in the fellowship of your choice
    • What you can contribute to our collaboration
    • What you expect to get out of this fellowship
  • A 500-word writing sample on a topic relevant to the work of Adios Barbie

Applicants are encouraged (but in no way required) to submit:

  • Examples of previous related work (i.e. links to websites, portfolios)
  • Recommendations (i.e. letters, LinkedIn)
  • List of relevant coursework

Applicants should send application materials or questions through email to Pia Guerrero, Adiós Barbie’s Founder & Editor, at info@adiosbarbie.com. To ensure your message is received, please use the following subject line: [Name] – Application for [Fellowship Position].



 Applications close on June 30, 2019

Interviews will be held at the beginning of July via Skype or by phone

Positions start the first week in August, 2019

EMAIL applications to:
pia at adiosbarbie.com