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Every six months, we run an intensive mentorship and training program for folx committed to developing their social justice, writing, media literacy, and social media skills—in addition to their intersectional feminism. Adios Barbie would not be what it is today without the contributions of our former interns and fellows. As part of our leadership development model, all fellows become part of the Adios Barbie staff when the program is complete (if they choose), contributing to the direction and content of the site as part of the greater leadership team.

Former interns, fellows, and staff have gone on to make a difference in their own right contributing to social justice causes along with writing for groups and publications like Everyday Feminism, Cosmo, Huffington Post, Bitch, Latina Magazine, HR Reality Check, Ravishly, New York Times and more.

This all volunteer project would not have been possible without the incredible contributions of Allison Epstein, Cheryl Lopez, Stephanie Leguichard, Denia De La Cruz, Erin Tatum, Kacey Clark, Emily Derouin, Alex Barbera, Alexa Dyrness, Jessica Roberts, Kate Walford, Laleh Ahmad, Maria Hanopoly, Caryn Rubanovich, Tasha Sanders, Nora Winsryg-Karasik, Grace Manger, Amber Ikeman, Erin McKelle, Takeallah Russell, Lori Blough, Raquel Reichard, Janine Salabritas, Chelsey Anderson, Emma Shakarsky, Melissa A. Fabello, Michelle Papon, Quinn Davis, Sheena Vasani, and Rachel Lunt and more.