Media Causing More Men to Pursue “Ideal” Body


Bikini season’s fast approaching, and while women may worry about what they look like, a new study suggests men are becoming just as concerned about sculpting their own bodies. University of Florida researchers have found that men with lower self esteem may be trying to compensate by bulking up fast. As muscularity’s become even more a symbol of “ideal” body image in advertising and entertainment, the study shows that more and more men are choosing to alter their body image through quick fix methods like steroids rather than traditional exercise.

Read More: University of Florida News – Male Body Image.


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4 thoughts on “Media Causing More Men to Pursue “Ideal” Body

  1. I am noticing that more and more of my male friends are becoming increasingly worried about their looks, they go to the gym and work out, buy cosmetics for their skin, go for a tanning session, etc.. They often blame it on being Metrosexual but I really think that it is much more than that.

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