The Femishpere: A Link Roundup

An Intersectional Feminist and Body Justice News Roundup


From the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), to the far-flung reaches of Canada and Alaska, Native nations are rallying around the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe (SRST) in its shutting down construction of Dakota Access Pipeline.

French police order a Muslim woman to undress on a Nice beach  Image:


The state-sanctioned harassment of Muslims escalates in France following the burkini ban in Nice.


Pressure is rising to end system that allows disabled workers to be paid pennies per hour, 10,000 people in Texas make less than minimum wage.


Kendra Syrdil poetically speaks to What it means to love a girl who has lived through trauma.



A new study finds that African-American women achieve the highest outcomes of any demographic by race and gender.

Miss Moti
Miss Moti



Roxanne Gay writes about Nate Parker and the Limits of Empathy for the New York Times.



Fat, brown and magickal Miss Moti  is a comic sensation created by Nepali artist Kripa Joshi.




Sam Dylan Finch discusses how mental illness has impacted his transgender identity and holding space for mentally ill trans folx to struggle with transitioning.



Tallulah Pomeroy via Catapult
Tallulah Pomeroy via Catapult

Rachel Klein discusses coming to terms with not
being quite there yet regarding her children’s gender queer identities in “Their Bodies, Themselves.



Santigold and Kara Walker collaborated on Santigold’s latest video, Banshee. Yes please!



Leche Libre is on a mission to provide women with stylish and functional apparel to help women integrate breastfeeding into their dynamic lives.


Leche Libre Clothing


Sarah of Girl with a Cane blog  and Karin at Freewheelin Travel blog review Netflix film, The Fundamentals of Caring.



The Sustainable Arts Foundation is offering awards of up to US$6000 to writers and artists with children.



Adios Barbie is accepting submissions on Invisible Disability for October! Submissions are due September 9, 2016.

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