Disney’s First Black Princess Makes Us Wonder


Disney has announced that its first Black princess is slated to appear in 2009’s “The Frog Princess.” The film is a much anticipated return to the traditional hand-drawn animation process.

But that’s about as much anticipation we at adiosbarbie.com have about this film. If princess Maddy (who hails from 1920s New Orleans) is anything like her Disney predecessors, we can look forward to her character being a feeble feminist gesture. Will she be like Aladdin’s Jasmin? Her body defying physics with its Barbie sized proportions? Or will she be like Pocahontas? Who rejects her culture, its traditions, and men, opting for the blond haired mercenary/colonist of her dreams? According to Walt Disney Studios chairman, Dick Cook, “The film’s New Orleans setting and strong princess character give the film lots of excitement and texture.” Translation: she will be “exotic” and “articulate.” Most likely, Maddy will be like every other billion dollar Disney character-just another plastic doll to add to the collection.

Check out today’s New York Times’ piece about the film: “Her Prince Has Come. Critics, Too.”

Editor’s Note: Since this original post last year, Maddy’s name has been changed to Tiana and the film title is The Princess and the Frog. There are also some not so subtle changes to her actual appearance.

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