Finally! The Truth About “Happily Ever After” Revealed

Fairy Tale Heroines Return To Dark Roots In Modern Setting

By Intern Katy,

After observing her daughter’s recent interest in Disney’s Fairy tales, artist Dina Goldstein was inspired to create the “Fallen Princess” series, which shows the famed Princesses in dark modern-day dramas.

Goldstein’s work depicts several of the Disney heroines in depressing scenes straight out of the 21st century. These women wear the costumes of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Princess Jasmine, and Snow White, but they live thoroughly mundane lives devoid of the Disney happy ending…[Read full article]

2 thoughts on “Finally! The Truth About “Happily Ever After” Revealed

  1. The famed Princesses in dark modern-day settings? I love that I followed up and found the pictures online, and Red Riding Hood has grown into quite the fast-food loving and obese “Not-So-Little Red Riding Hood.”

    I wouldn’t think much of this, except the first article I read today on Adios Barbie was about Strong4Life’s fat-shaming campaigns, and loving every body, every size. Almost find that these two articles being on the exact same page is a little hypocritical.

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