The FEMISPHERE A Link Roundup!

News of note in the last week!



  • Bitch magazine gives an A-Z of how non-muslim westerners can stop anti-muslim bigotry and start becoming allies. In the meantime a staggering 82%  of newly registered women voters in Saudi Arabia made their way to the polls – compared to 44% of male registered voters – and elected 19 women into office across the country.


  • This powerful experimental performance using Mark Aguhar’s “A Litany for My Heavenly Brown Body introduces the film, No Fats, No Femmes. The documentary currently has an indiegogo campain for funding this production in its early stages. “The film critically engages the phrase “no fats, no femmes,” which is popularly used on queer social networking dating sites to describe one’s dating preferences, through the personal narrative(s) of 5 Black and Brown gender-non-conforming, queer, trans, fat, femme, and disabled people.”


  • In the UK, 17 year old Hanna was sexually assaulted in a mosh pit of a concert and has started a campaign, to stop it from happening to others. Girls Against, is recruiting bands to join the call for safe spaces for everyone at music shows and encourages young women to voice their shared experiences on twitter.



  • Jen Oaks didn’t see images of fat women she liked so she decided to make them herself. The result is a fat pin-up calendar inspired by iconic women of the 1970s from Cher to Pam Grier. Yes please!



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