The Femisphere: A Link Roundup

Sarah Attar made history at the London Olympics as the first of two women to represent Saudi Arabia reuters

A Body Image, Body Politics, and Body Justice News Roundup

Gender & Identity



End the Violence


  • In response to the lack of action and attention to state violence against Black women, Black Feminist Future is leading the call to “Defend Black Womanhood” with altars and healing spaces around the country. via Feministing




Body, Mind, Spirit & Culture


  • “[W]hy is there less art about eating disorders than about other mental health issues? Last year, Mark Ruffalo starred as a bipolar father in the indie darling Infinitely Polar Bear. Why are stories about bulimic mothers confined to Lifetime?” – On The Literature of Eating Disorders by JoAnna Novak on Literary Hub


Flag gown


  • “I always saw myself in John Hughes’ films, even if he couldn’t see me in them. I don’t say this lightly. Hughes’ body of work is consistently characterized as the pithy zenith of coming-of-age movies, enduring due to his representation of real teenagers with typical problems. Yet POC were either absent or horrifically stereotypically represented in his films. How American. In Hughes’ iconic film about the joy of young white mischief….” Black Grrrl Joy on the 30th Anniversary of Ferris Bueller : LaSloane Peterson’s Snow Day Off

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