The Body Image Movement is Due for a New Revolution and It’s About Time

By Pia Schiavo-Campo at Mixed Fat Chick, cross-posted with permission

I like bodies.

I think bodies are marvelous.

I love their curious creases and billowing bellies.

I adore their freckles, their moles, their rad wrinkles.

I worship their lovely lumps and hefty humps.

I revel in their sacredness.

Substantia Jones (Adipositivity)
Substantia Jones (Adipositivity)


I am so fucking committed to loving the shit out of myself.

I’ve been to the mountaintop and we are in the midst of a re-evolution. And by that I mean change is coming. A strong wind is picking up speed and new ideas are ripe for implementation.


I believe that we are constantly evolving, and that important movements get impeded by greed and the desire to be in the limelight. But now we are in a time of recognizing that the isms of our society must be addressed in a more holistic and inclusive way. No more 2nd-wave feminism that excludes women of color. No more vilifying fat bodies. No more leaving oppressed peoples out of the conversation.

I adore these drawings by Carol Rosetti.

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The universe must evolve beyond stigma and hate. It must evolve past judgment and stereotyping.

Women are prepared to dismantle the patriarchy and all its hideous cousins — misogyny, racism, homophobia, and ableism.

Fat folks are taking back the “F” word, and refashioning it into a big “FUCK YOU” needlepoint doily for the dieting industry.


So you see, it’s inevitable. We’ve tried the white, male, cisgender, abled way of doing things for more centuries than I care to count. And it doesn’t work. Well, it works for them. But it sure as fuck doesn’t work for us.

Now is the time for female-led, POC (people of color) led, LGBTQ-led, and differently abled–led social movements. We must take up space instead of asking for permission.

The oppressed must stand in solidarity if we are ever going to create substantial social change. And that happens through a sincere desire to learn from one another, and an awareness of our intersectional privilege. And it also requires action.

Sitting on your sofa, watching reality television ain’t gonna change the world.


I think my colleagues and I are doing a decent job of being inclusive in our activism. It’s not perfect — though it’s a good start. But we need to step up our game.

When we are inclusive in our activism, we lift everyone up. And that’s the fucking point.

We will encounter struggle and frustration for sure. And the road will be long. But can we at least commit to being collaborative and radical in our approach?

I can.

Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

I hope to see you on the road to #ReEvolution!

Pia Schiavo-Campo is a body-lovin rogue size acceptance activist, writer, foodie, feminist, plus model, mixed fat chick, and cultivator of all things creative. Read her writing at Mixed Fat Chick, or follow her on Twitter @MixedFatChick and on Facebook.

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