Body Image and Transgender Folks

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By Valerie Martin

The shopping and style blog, Racked, just introduced its newest guest blogger, Doll, who also happens to be its first transgender blogger. In Doll’s first post, she talks about her transition to becoming a woman, and can you guess what her biggest concern is? Body shape.

I think it’s telling of the values of our larger society amidst all the complex emotional and mental changes one must face during a transition, body image remains a top (if not the top) concern. In my opinion, this also says that Doll already has developed a lot of self-confidence in the other aspects of her transition, so bravo! I look forward to reading about the progress in her upcoming posts.

Read Doll’s first post at Racked

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7 thoughts on “Body Image and Transgender Folks

  1. Id also like to add that -transgendered- is not a word. Its an adjective and cannot have a past tense. That would mean you are descirbing Doll as a past tense person. To put it simply you wouldnt say that someone is a -gayed- person.

    (sorry about the dashes, my quote button is broken)

  2. Can we agree that its transsexual individuals that are wanting to change their physical bodies?

    Many transgender individuals are not concerned with the multitude of surgeries at all.

    I appreciate you writing about Doll, but I believe the clarification is important.

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