Are Your Roots Bad For Business?

Disney's Jasmine
Disney's Jasmine

By Debra J. Dickerson, SLATE

Two very different stories about women—i.e., strength, beauty, femininity, fantasy, cowardice, bravery, and acquiescence—struck me this week.  I still don’t know whether they fill me with hope or sadness.

First, there was the 22-year-old U. of Illinois student Disney recruited online and telephonically through a campus event. She had to rock to snag an internship with a company like that.

It was a dream come true for Disney’s newest intern; she’d grown up revering the Disney princesses. Belle (Beauty and the Beast) and Ariel (The Little Mermaid) in particular. Also my 7-year old’s fetish-princesses. So the psych major worked her booty off, thrashed the competition, and moved that triumphant booty, that life, from Chicago to California for the fall 2010 internship for which her relatives likely held family celebrations, perhaps fundraisers, all summer.

On arrival, triumph became humiliation. One look at her and she was summarily “assigned [] to a more secluded stockroom.”

Silly Noor Abdallah. She’d arrived in her “scary” hijab.

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