What Men Really Think of Your Body Before Sex

mixedcouple…It’s 1 a.m., and that someone special has decided to walk you all the way to the front door after an incredible date. You already know it’s about to go down, since the two of you have been dancing around the horizontal waltz for far too long.

So far so good, after the first rounds of your short-lived courtship. But holding hands in the park, and canoodling at the movies is a far cry from loving in the buff, and waking up to misplaced eyelashes, crooked lacefronts and girdle free mid-sections.

So there you are, wrestling with your clothing, about to “Set it Off.” And no I’m not talking about robbing banks, but rather gearing up for your first intimate encounter with that new man in your life.

The first thought on your mind: “Does my underwear match my bra?”

Your second: “I wonder what he’s going to think about me without makeup on in the morning.”

Your third: “Wow! This is the first time he’s going to see me naked and I wonder how long I can hold in my pudge before I pass out.”

And your final thought: “Gravity is the number one enemy to every push-up bra.”


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2 thoughts on “What Men Really Think of Your Body Before Sex

  1. They did hit the nice guy jackpot! What’s up with that? Or maybe it was just left unsaid that if you’re already at the point of “making love” as the article repeatedly calls it, attraction has already been established, so just do it already.

    I think the real question here is, did anyone else see how ironic it is to try and assuage women’s body issues with male affirmation? Weird.

  2. Firstly; Wow, they sure hit the Nice Guy jackpot (not a good thing).

    Secondly; I don’t think it counts as self-acceptance if you get a bunch of men to talk about women’s bodies and go “See, men don’t care if you’re fat or ugly.”

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