Fat Can Still Mean Fit

Don’t Be Shamed by “The Weight Talk” by Jessica Holden Sherwood at the Ms. Magazine Blog

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I recently had my annual physical, and I got The Weight Talk for the first time. Luckily, I had come prepared.  While driving to the appointment, I even rehearsed in anticipation.

When I got The Talk, I responded by saying that I will never count calories.  I asked the doctor in earnest why he would care about my weight if I had good health, good blood pressure and so on. I listened to his answers. And a week later, I sent him a copy of Health At Every Size (a book which also has a website). After all this time, fat is still a feminist issue, and so is the national hobby of dieting, especially for women.

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One thought on “Fat Can Still Mean Fit

  1. I was in the hospital earlier this year for dehydration and an inability to keep food down. I was scheduled to have a colonoscopy to see if there was something wrong with my intestines.

    In talking to the Gastroenterologist, he stated, “You must be happy you’re so thin”. “Actually, I’m not”, I said. I was annoyed and shocked for I was underweight and dehydrated, need FOUR days of IV fluid. I care about my health and am not excited to be sick and thin. A comment like that from a doctor is unethical and unflattering.

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