Joan Holloway Barbie Proves Plastic is Less Fantastic


By Mara Betsch,

Joan Holloway, Christina Hendricks’s character on Mad Men, is known for two things: her attitude and her curves. “She’s got fire to her. She snaps back. And men love her because she’s in touch with her sexuality and femininity,” Hendricks told USA Today in 2008. So what would Joan Holloway have to say about her Barbie counterpart?

Mattel recently announced that they will create Barbie and Ken dolls of four popular Mad Men characters: Roger Sterling, Don Draper, Betty Draper, and Joan Holloway. They will sell as collectibles for $75 apiece.

Though Joan’s dress, accessories, and hairstyle are a perfect imitation of the show’s femme fatale, there’s something missing: her curves! In fact, her body looks exactly like Betty Draper’s. It just makes me wonder why there’s so much attention to detail, except in the shape of her body.

Especially with the slow addition of plus-size models to fashion magazines – and even fashion shows, it seems like there has been a recent move toward embracing a healthy, curvy figure. I can’t help but think that downsizing Joan’s curves is a step backward.

Though I agree that sometimes people confuse curvy and healthy with obese and overweight, Christina Hendricks has an enviable figure. She appears to have a healthy BMI, dresses well for her shape, and has body confidence. And, for young girls (and women), that’s a more realistic expectation than Barbie.

What do you think of the Joan Holloway Barbie?

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