Save Your Boobs, Unless They’re Saggy

Update:  Jezebel and The LA Times have posted two new stories also shaming the “Save the Boobs” campaign.

Just came across this psa “Save the Boobs” for ReThink Breast Cancer. In an effort to reach a hip, young, media savvy audience about the impact of breast cancer on young women, this campaign does nothing to lift the conversation and falls flat. ReThink’s mission aims to employ a “bold, enterprising and entrepreneurial approach”. Yet I wonder how does recreating the staid sexual objectification of an old Coors beer ad, where a bodacious babe’s boobs are so desirable they even leave a crew of gay men blushing, raise awareness around this serious issue?

Instead, this psa is aimed more at bosom buddies than at actual women. With the message being that if you’ve got a stacked rack then you should care more about dying from breast cancer than your counterparts. So, if your tatas aren’t titillating, then you aren’t as worthy of the attention or awareness.

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