Move Over Barbie, Now There’s Something Meatier

Real Woman Barbie, the Ditto Version

Vogue UK wrote this piece for their website on the new “Wouldn’t It Be Nice” Barbie doll version of musician Ditto.

WHAT does Beth Ditto have in common with Barbie? The answer: more than you think. In keeping with fashion’s recent preoccupation with dolls (Roksanda and Gareth Pugh designed outfits for Barbie and Ken, respectively), Ditto’s curves have been translated into pint-sized proportions to give a sneak peek of her collection for Evans, with hits stores in July.

Superdoll Collectables London created the one-off doll, which is set to make an appearance in the Rankin campaign imagery of the collection. So what can we expect from Ditto’s design team? A capsule range full of slouchy, rock-inspired clothes and accessories with enough sparkle to give Barbie a run for her money.

Julia Neel

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