Florencia Vallejo

Florencia Vallejo


Florencia is an 18-year- old Mexican girl living in Montreal, Canada.


A recovery warrior. Ending her relationship with her former friend Ana.

A believer. In the power of vulnerability and self-love to heal the world.

A middle child. Part of a unique and diverse family.

An immigrant. Moving from a sun-kissed country to a freezing one.

A student. Not only a college student, but a life learner.

A friend. Although she’s pretty weird, and sometimes hard to handle, she’s loyal and caring.

A writer. She feels the power of words and trust that they can unite others.

A feminist. In the most inclusive sense of the word.

A lover. Even when she says she’s not.

She’s strong and persistent, but sensitive and introverted.

She’s stardust and flower power, the Caribbean sea, and the ever-changing moon.

She’s many things, and have many yet to explore, but despite being all of these, she’s also just Flor.

She lies in the middle of the flower of life. She’s sprouting, growing, and blooming, all at the same time.

She’s not “this -but- that”, she’s “this -and- that”.

She refuses to be defined by labels, but identifies with all of them. She’s the intersection of everything, as the universe resides in her, and she takes part in it too.

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