Cougars: Unfortunately Coming to a Town Near You

Today in reference to Demi Moore, someone jokingly asked me, "What do you have against cougars?" My response? "I'm all for cougars, but let's just call them what they are, grown ass women who own their sexuality, are comfortable in their skin and deserve to be celebrated and not demonized as desperate predators." … [Read more...]

The Sexpot Strikes Again

So it looks like Miley Cyrus has taken to the stripper pole. And this is a surprise? Like Britney and Christina Aguilera before her, it?s clear that as she outgrows her tweens and moves into young adulthood, Miley?s handlers are trying to get the Mickey Mouse Monkey off of her back. I?m all for this transition happening. For it?s … [Read more...]

Open Thread on Advertising and Body Image

During my career as a media literacy expert, I have squirreled away a number of advertisements over the years that I think are great examples of how the media dictates how women (and men) are supposed look and feel. Below is an ad that ran a few years back for Candies perfume and shoes. … [Read more...]

Linda Bergthold: Too Fat to Be a Surgeon General?

Another sad day in the life of accomplished women being scrutinized by the media for their size and not their smarts. When will the madness end? This piece adds an interesting perspective to the hefty and healthy debate. … [Read more...]

Black Booty Body Politics

by Latoya Peterson at Whose Pussy Is This? Now I have to ask this question Cuz you mothafuckas keep disrespectin' my shit In every line that your lame asses spit I'm forced to hear about my pussy That is always on sale A hot retail item wrapped in plastic for $12.99 And this shit is drastic Bcuz … [Read more...]