Impossible Ideals: The Media and Body Image

By Dominique Shaw, Associated Content I can't turn on my television, read a magazine, or surf the net with out being bombarded by the airbrushed images of a perfect body. We inhale the idea that a thin body is normal. We believe that this false notion of beauty we see is achievable - just as long as you use this make up, buy … [Read more...]

The Sexpot Strikes Again

So it looks like Miley Cyrus has taken to the stripper pole. And this is a surprise? Like Britney and Christina Aguilera before her, it?s clear that as she outgrows her tweens and moves into young adulthood, Miley?s handlers are trying to get the Mickey Mouse Monkey off of her back. I?m all for this transition happening. For it?s … [Read more...]