What It Means to “Hold Space” for People, Plus 8 tips on How to Do It Well

By Heather Plett cross posted with permission When my mom was dying, my siblings and I gathered to be with her in her final days. None of us knew anything about supporting someone in her transition out of this life into the next, but we were pretty sure we wanted to keep her at home, so we did. While we supported mom, we … [Read more...]

The Femisphere: A Link Roundup

A News Roundup of Body Politics, image and Body Justice News. Prince is Dead The gender-bending sexual revolutionary who rocked the world with his unique funky/rock/soul/pop musical genius has left us too soon. For me and my friends, who happen to have already been in mourning, it feels especially hard to believe. Another … [Read more...]

An Open Letter to Those Fearing Relapse During Times of Grief

By Grace Manger, Intern 2014 Monday, May 12, 2014. 7:37am. I was miraculously awake, sitting at my kitchen table with a cup of coffee and an unfinished essay due in a couple hours. The coolest 10-year-old I know, my little sister in all ways except genetics, called me to tell me that her little sister, our sweet Maia, died … [Read more...]