Gyms: Made For Body Building or Bashing?

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By Gabby Vachon When I entered my gym’s locker room the day after New Year’s, there was something strange about the usual crowd I usually encountered. Perhaps it was the snarl of disgust adorning their faces? Nevertheless, I paid them little attention, until I turned around and spotted the object of their disarming stares. A … [Read more...]

Health as a Moral Imperative: Chasing Gold Stars

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By Michelle Parrinello-Cason Originally published at Balancing Jane and cross-posted with permission. Saturday night, I went to the wedding of a friend from my childhood. It was the first time that both my husband and I had been out, together, child-free, and with a safe ride home in over a year. We drank, danced, laughed, … [Read more...]

For 2011 Try Body Image Boosting Boot Camp

Angela Parker You're My SHero

  By Pia Guerrero New Year’s Resolution In 2010, I made a resolution. I was gonna get strong. As in, 'I can do man push ups' strong. I'd been way too stressed out. Which meant no time to take care of my physical bizniz. Soon enough too little protein and no exercise left me weak in the knees. And back. And legs. … [Read more...]