Dove Video Shown to Impact Girls’ Self-Esteem

'No wonder our perception of beauty is distorted' - that's the concluding catchphrase of a one-minute video called 'evolution' made by Dove a few years ago to show how cosmetics and computer trickery are used to create the unrealistic portrayals of female models on advertising billboards. Now a team of researchers at the University … [Read more...]

Barbie and Ken 101: Spoken Word Artist Breaks it Down

by Pia Guerrero This is my all time favorite youtube video. It ROCKS! Rafael Casal's Def Poetry performance "Barbie and Ken 101" keeps it real. And by real I mean he spikes spoken word and media literacy with hip-hop and biting criticism. As if that wasn't enough Casal dismantles the bad rap "body image" gets of being an issue … [Read more...]

Something Other than Other

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Slip of the Tongue

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