5 Truths on Sensuality and Cracking the Code of Body Image Problems

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By Krista Kujat About 80% of what we take in everyday comes through our vision. When we see what’s outside of ourselves, we envision possibility and what inspire desires, and it also becomes a first point of reference for comparing ourselves to others. The massive overload of media messages we receive daily tantalizes us into … [Read more...]

Protecting our Daughters’ Self-Esteem: How does the Internet Harm Our Girls?

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By Amy Williams In a world where trending stories revolve around human Barbies and celebrity plastic surgery fails, it's easy to get distracted by superficial concerns. Selfies and "belfies" (pictures of a person's toned backside) flood teens' news feeds begging for "likes" and comments. Social media and the Internet play huge … [Read more...]

Violence against Indigenous Women: Fun, Sexy, and No Big Deal on the Big Screen


By Elissa Washuta This piece originally published on Tumblr and cross-posted with permission The body of 15-year-old Tina Fontaine, a member of Sagkeeng First Nation, was pulled from the Red River in Winnipeg on August 17. Her murder has brought about an important conversation about the widespread violence against First … [Read more...]

The Gross Factor of Sex and The Typical Male Body in the Media

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By Tami Winfrey Harris Scene in question begins at 4:56. ***2/12 DOWNTON ABBEY SPOILERS AHEAD... Women are disproportionately judged by narrow beauty standards. Witness how in Sunday night's pre-Grammy profile of Adele, 60 Minutes felt obliged to mention that the singer doesn't have "runway model looks." The show made … [Read more...]

Standing with Sluts


By Hugo Schwyzer On April 3rd, 2011, the world’s first “Slut Walk" took place on the chilly streets of Toronto, Canada. The official site is here. The march was organized in response to the infuriating remarks of a police constable, who told a safety workshop at a Canadian university that “women should avoid dressing like sluts … [Read more...]

We Need Interns!

Adios Barbie and The Illusionists are seeking enthusiastic and change-minded folks to join our teams. Three six-month internships are currently available. One intern will primarily work for The Illusionists and two for Adios Barbie; however, work sharing between the sites is likely. For more information click here. … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Love Your Body Through Thick and Thin (Just in time for Love Your Body Day! – October 21st)

So this Wednesday, October 21st, is Love Your Body Day. What better reason to take the day off from criticizing, comparing or hiding your body. How would you feel if you truly rocked what your momma gave you? Even if just for this day? The National Organization for Women (NOW) Foundation is hosting the day and has a number of ways … [Read more...]

In the Media, As a Black Man You’re Still Guilty Even if Proven Innocent

Guilty even when proven innocent.

Photos included in coverage of Hofstra rape case after defendants were cleared. Yesterday morning I was checking out the Huffington Post's piece on the dropped Hofstra gang rape case and was not surprised at the sloppy coverage by the media of the innocent young black males falsely accused of the crime. "Journalists" are still … [Read more...]

Quote of the Day

"If you want to be sad, no one in the world can make you happy. But if you want to be happy, nothing on earth can take that from you." Paramhansa Yogananda … [Read more...]

Adios Barbie is now on Twitter!

In an effort to be hip and cool we have joined the Twitterevolution! Check us out @AdiosBarbie! … [Read more...]