Feel Fat? Try Burlesque to Feel Beautiful

By Kitty Cavalier Recently a friend told me she wants to love her body but she always feels fat. I dedicate this article to her. No woman is immune from "feeling fat." But notice we don't say, "I have fat on my body all the time." What we are describing is the FEELING of being fat. For every woman, the feeling of being fat … [Read more...]

FAT SEX, The Book

By Jennifer Jonassen If you’re like me, you grew up with a very limited view of what sexiness is, of what sexiness looks like. I always found it perplexing that what was considered sexy was so narrowly defined. As a young girl, the women that surrounded me did not look like the so-called ideal and yet they were all partnered up. … [Read more...]

Anatomy of a Sex Symbol

  “Maybe I’m a sexless sex goddess.” - Marilyn Monroe to Life magazine journalist Richard Meryman, 1961 By Sheila O'Malley, Joan's Digest The sexiest woman in America didn’t have an orgasm until the last year of her life.  Despite her famous love affairs and marriages, not to mention the fact that she was the … [Read more...]

The Naked Clam and Other Preposterous Pubic Hair Problems

By Quinn Davis, Intern (2011) Vaginas and vulvas are confusing enough without pubes. Even though we’ve all got them, we end up feeling like we have way more hair down there than we should. It’s easy to see why; in magazines, on MTV, and pretty much everywhere else in the world where it’s PC to show the bikini line, the mass … [Read more...]

Sex, My Body and Giving it Up

By Pia Guerrero, Co-Editor/Founder I've long been a fan of Inga Muscio's groundbreaking book, Cunt. Cunt is exactly what the title says, Cunt: a declaration of independence. When I first read it 10 years ago, I was refreshed by the humor, humanity and no holds barred truth told about the horror and glory we find between our … [Read more...]

A Place for Me: Art, Porn, Feminism, and Race

By Favianna Rodriguez Originally posted on Favianna.com; cross-posted with permission. I'm always excited when my art world merges with my personal world. As a visual artist, that personal world is one where I'm constantly imagining the sort of artwork I want to create. What kinds of images do I want to draw? What questions … [Read more...]

Period Panties & Body Shame: An OCD Journey Through My Underwear Drawer

by Ophira Edut   Today, a small revolution happened. And it was in my underwear drawer. I threw out a pair of baggy, stretched-out, used-to-be-bikini but now verging on "granny panties" underwear that I bought at Gap Body literally a decade ago. They were cute in their heyday, light blue with flowers. And they've … [Read more...]