Ads Featuring “Average Joes” Just as Effective

Study finds that male consumers respond equally to ads featuring everyday guys OR male models. Photograph by:,

A recent study in the Body Image journal reports that advertisements that feature everyday males are just as effective as those with super buff male model types. In fact, given the choice between the latter and no model at all, study participants chose no model. The ads were evaluated by both men and women, with consistent results … [Read more...]

Deprivation and Dehydration Standard for Male Models

Male model Daniel Martin for Men's Health magazine

"You, too, can't have a body like this" by Peta Bee at The Times Online Daniel Martin regularly puts his body through hell. For days at a time he restricts fluid intake so severely that the resulting dehydration causes headaches, haziness and overwhelming fatigue. Having trained for weeks like an Olympian with high-intensity … [Read more...]

Dove: Redefining Male Beauty


By Sharon Haywood Is male beauty found in ripped abs and bulging biceps? Is a man deemed attractive by the car he drives? Or by how much money he earns? If you look at commercials geared toward men as an indicator, you would have to deduce that square jawlines, snazzy sport cars, and a thick wallet equate with masculine … [Read more...]

Media Causing More Men to Pursue “Ideal” Body


  Bikini season's fast approaching, and while women may worry about what they look like, a new study suggests men are becoming just as concerned about sculpting their own bodies. University of Florida researchers have found that men with lower self esteem may be trying to compensate by bulking up fast. As muscularity's … [Read more...]

Male body snarking and Jon Hamm’s “Muffin Top”

SNL skit with Jon Hamm's "muffin top"

by Guest Contributor Tami, originally published at What Tami Said Actor Jon Hamm ("Mad Men"), like Justin Timberlake and Alec Baldwin, has revealed himself to be a host with the comedic power to redeem the increasingly unfunny "Saturday Night Live." Hamm hosted the show this past Saturday with musical guest Michael Buble. … [Read more...]

Dove and Diversity: Not Just for Women

In 2005, a group of ad executives stripped down to support Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty. The photo does not promote Dove's new men's line. The Toronto Star

By Sharon Haywood Ads for cars, beer, and action movies typically dominate the costly airtime during Super Bowl.  But during The Big Game of 2006, it wasn't another Bud Light commercial that captivated viewers. Instead, the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty reached an estimated 90.7 million football fans via a 45-second spot that … [Read more...]

WTF?: Video Games Now Simulate Rape

By DPG Photos

AAUW's Dialogue June 10, 2009, by mandytoomey When I was teaching high school in California five years ago, we took about 90 students on a weekend retreat to address issues of diversity. One night the boys and girls were taken into two separate rooms and asked to list all the negative messages they had ever heard about the … [Read more...]