This March: The Body Image Activist Movement Leaps Forward Across the Globe

By Courtney Martin at Feministing To all you Love Your Body Day student organizers, concerned parents, thoughtful professors, activists, advocates, survivors, fundraisers, writers, artists, actors, and musicians. To all you radical grandmas, doctors, therapists, sick-and-tired boyfriends and brothers, nutritionists, and … [Read more...]

Do You Love Your Body Today?

Today, October 20, is NOW's Love Your Body Day. Since 1998, the National Organization for Women (NOW), the NOW Foundation and NOW chapters around the country have organized events in local communities, on college campuses and in schools to demand change. To the fashion, beauty, diet and advertising industries, we say: No more … [Read more...]

Fat Talk Free Week: Banning the “F” Word

By Bonnie Rochman, TIME Coming soon to a college campus near you: a ban on "fat talk." O.K., so the ban is voluntary — and temporary — but it's designed to get students to think about the psychological effect of even seemingly innocuous comments like "Omigosh, you look so good — have you lost weight?" … [Read more...]

NOW’s Love Your Body Campaign and NOH8 Join Forces to Promote Acceptance For All

America’s Next Top Model Whitney Thompson recently created a media buzz posing nude for the Hollywood NOW's Love Your Body campaign. The Love Your Body Day photo shoot, Thompson joined by the event's creator, Chenese Lewis. The dynamic duo is back with a new campaign combining Love Your Body and NOH8, protesting California's … [Read more...]

Check out Bodylogue: A play about color, body & being a woman

In our new "Events" section, we plan to bring your attention to "alternative" events that will spark new and different ways to think about your body and identity. If you have a play, lecture series, film, or educational event that fits our mission let us know and we'll post it! Check out this promising one woman play coming to NYC … [Read more...]

FAT – the feature documentary featuring Jennifer Jonassen "FAT" - the feature documentary. COMING SOON IN 2010. If fat is the new normal why is fat discrimination on the rise? Follow the lives of three women struggling with fat and fat hatred. Learn the hidden facts about fat, food and health. Experience straight and gay fat folks happy and … [Read more...]

Speaking of Hair, If You’re Near Barnard College…

PANEL: Just Hair?: Women, Politics, Passion and Fashion Thursday, October 15, 6:30 p.m. Barnard College James, Room, 4th Floor Barnard Hall West 117th Street and Broadway Long, short, sleek, bold, kinky, natural, covered or shaved?no matter how you cut it, women?s hair is a frequent topic of conversation. But why all the … [Read more...]

Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival this Weekend in LA

If you are in Los Angeles this weekend check out The Mixed Roots Film & Literary Festival! (It's free but you should register online.) The Festival is an annual free public event celebrating stories of the Mixed experience through films, readings, workshops and live performance.  The Festival is an inclusive event which … [Read more...]

A New Take on Body Image

Two of my favorite body image authors are coming to the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan on March 11th at 8p.m. I'll be there, and if you're in NYC, I hope you will, too. Pioneering psychotherapist Susie Orbach, who wrote Fat Is a Feminist Issue, will talk about her new book, Bodies. In it, Orbach draws on neuropsychology research for … [Read more...]