Accept Your Body by Reading Your Face

There's a whole lot of wisdom happening in your body?and on your mug?and you can benefit immensely from understanding it.

by Contributor Mary Joo What if your face told the real story about your personality and character, how you'll fare in love, whether you'll end up rich or struggling to succeed? According to the ancient art of Chinese face reading, your destiny is-literally-written all over your face. Could an un-Botoxed brow leave you passed … [Read more...]

Why Being Fat Is–and Isn’t–All That


Our nation is in a crisis. Our waistlines are bulging almost as quickly as our stock market is plunging. More and more Americans are finding themselves uninsured and at the doctor - primarily for weight related conditions such heart disease and diabetes. I am a strong believer in taking responsibility for your self and your health. … [Read more...]

New Study: When Positive Thinking Goes Bad

Senator Al Franken spoofing the Positive Thinking Movement as Stuart Smalley from SNL

By John Cloud at TIME magazine Yes, I Suck: Self-Help Through Negative Thinking In the past 50 years, people with mental problems have spent untold millions of hours in therapists' offices, and millions more reading self-help books, trying to turn negative thoughts like "I never do anything right" into positive ones like "I … [Read more...]