“Shut Up, Skinny Bitches!” Tells Readers To Love Their Bodies—Or Else

  By Valerie Martin “In America, we no longer fear God, or the communists, but we fear fat,” stated David Kritchevsky, a former professor with Philadelphia’s Wistar Institute and long-time advocate of health and nutrition issues. This is just one of many poignant quotations that Dr. Maria Rago and her friend and … [Read more...]

Self-Esteem Boosting Tips for Teens

As Adios Barbie continues to evolve, we have decided to expand our site to include voices of various ages and it starts with today’s post. We would like to introduce you to Becca Wertheim, the 19-year-old author of Live High on Life for Teens, which she wrote during her junior year of high school at 16 years of age. Currently, she … [Read more...]

3 Ways to Be the Reason for the Season

By Pia Guerrero Well it's that time of the year. The holidays are here and whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, or Festivus for the Fest of Us it can be exhausting, especially with so much anger in the world and news with Trump and massive shootings. Without notice, running around and simple existing turns your … [Read more...]

35 Simple Ways to be Beautiful

  by Lori Deschene,  tinybuddha.com “Beauty is how you feel inside, and it reflects in your eyes. It is not something physical.” ~Sophia Loren Even though I got Joey McIntyre of The New Kids on the Block to sign my scoliosis back brace in the sixth grade, I still felt ugly wearing it. I didn’t … [Read more...]

Pink Notes: Another War Between Head and Heart

ANOTHER WAR BETWEEN HEAD AND HEART By Jill "Pink" Sedares I find Susan Sarandon to be one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. I notice my shape is very similar to hers. Does she find herself beautiful? Does she fight between her heart and her head? Next month I will be 48 years old.  My waist is naturally getting … [Read more...]

“Mom, do my legs look fat in these skinny jeans”?

By Valerie Martin It's no secret that "skinny jeans" have dominated the women's denim market for the past year or two. But a new trend of marketing skinny jeans to kids has caused quite a stir and concern. Many are wondering whether the trend is bad for kids', especially girls', who already have delicate body image. Will this … [Read more...]

What Men Really Think of Your Body Before Sex

...It’s 1 a.m., and that someone special has decided to walk you all the way to the front door after an incredible date. You already know it’s about to go down, since the two of you have been dancing around the horizontal waltz for far too long. So far so good, after the first rounds of your short-lived courtship. But holding … [Read more...]

This Valentine’s Day Love the One You’re With

Remember the sappy saying, "You have to love yourself, before you love anyone else?" What better time to practice that advice than this Valentine's day. Take a break from your inner critic and show some love for the one you're really with 24/7. You! When you look in the mirror this Sunday think about what you see. Are you a bunch … [Read more...]

Fat and Happy: Why “The Biggest Loser” Loses

by Tami Winfrey Harris I have struggled with weight all my life--mostly because in my younger years I was unable to accept that my larger frame was natural and healthy for me. Unhappy with a 12, I dieted and deprived and fretted over calories, and wound up a 14. Unhappy with that size, I measured and counted and starved my … [Read more...]

Editor of Self Gets Her Photoshopping Ass Handed to Her

You gotta go to the blog of Lucy Danziger, the editor-in-chief of Self magazine and read all the comments from readers who aren't buying the lame excuse for photoshopping the hell out of Kelly Clarkson for the cover of this month's Total Body Confidence issue. Most of Self's blog readers say that as a result of the blog entry and … [Read more...]