Stand-up Comic Adam Hills’ Message to Women

Adam Hills

Australian comic Adam Hills is not one to mince his words: "Don't buy women's magazines ... They are designed to make you feel bad about yourself so that you buy the s*** that they advertise." … [Read more...]

New Photo Exhibit Looks at Disturbing Quest for Beauty


by Valerie Martin The New York Times Lens blog (on Photography, Video & Visual Journalism) just posted an eye-opening piece, Bodies Altered in Pursuit of Beauty about photographer Zed Nelson's most recent exhibition, "Love Me." As Nelson traveled the world taking photos, he was amazed at how all the faces he saw were … [Read more...]

Barbie and Ken 101: Spoken Word Artist Breaks it Down

Rafael Casal

by Pia Guerrero This is my all time favorite youtube video. It ROCKS! Rafael Casal's Def Poetry performance "Barbie and Ken 101" keeps it real. And by real I mean he spikes spoken word and media literacy with hip-hop and biting criticism. As if that wasn't enough Casal dismantles the bad rap "body image" gets of being an issue … [Read more...]

Jamaican Beauty Trends Complicated and Risky

The Jamaican vision of beauty keeps evolving. "Most of the young girls now coming up ? they don't want fat no more, they want slim and trim," says farmer Kadesha Abrahms (left) at a feed store in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. (Image: Davia Nelson for NPR)

Every culture has its idealized woman - a standard of beauty that is sought and valorized. And everywhere around the world, women are altering themselves to achieve the look that is celebrated, from cosmetics to liposuction. In Jamaica, women have come up with some of their own unique, homegrown beauty enhancement techniques. … [Read more...]

Joan Holloway Barbie Proves Plastic is Less Fantastic


By Mara Betsch, Joan Holloway, Christina Hendricks's character on Mad Men, is known for two things: her attitude and her curves. "She's got fire to her. She snaps back. And men love her because she's in touch with her sexuality and femininity," Hendricks told USA Today in 2008. So what would Joan Holloway have to say … [Read more...]

Supermodel Diversity Does Not Include 36-Inch Hips

LOVE-Supermodel Diversity

"8 Naked Supermodels = Body Diversity" by Sarah Menkedick at This just in! Diversity has apparently been reduced to the millimeter of difference between Kate Moss and Amber Valleta's naked hips!  Love Magazine is patting itself on the back for issuing eight separate covers for its third issue, each with a different … [Read more...]

Bethenny Frankel Would Rather be Airbrushed Than Wear Fur

Bethenny Frankel of The Housewives of New York City

In addition to being pregnant and starring in Real Housewives of New York City, Bethenny Frankel stars nude for a PETA billboard unveiled December 15th in Manhattan's Times Square. The billboard is one of a series of nude celebrities who bare all as part of PETA's "I'd rather go naked than wear fur" ad campaign. In response to … [Read more...]

Hair: The Tales and Fables of our Follicles


In light of all the talk about the politics of Black hair and Chris Rock's Good Hair documentary, Newsweek dedicated a whole week in October to what they coined "A Week of Follicular Coverage." To launch the series they wrote: As personal as our hair is, it's also the subject of some very public and political discussions. Heather … [Read more...]

Fat and Happy: Why “The Biggest Loser” Loses


by Tami Winfrey Harris I have struggled with weight all my life--mostly because in my younger years I was unable to accept that my larger frame was natural and healthy for me. Unhappy with a 12, I dieted and deprived and fretted over calories, and wound up a 14. Unhappy with that size, I measured and counted and starved my … [Read more...]

Barbie’s Ankles Too Fat for Louboutin’s StyleList Fashion Blog

Picture 14

Silly us. All these years we thought Barbie was the picture of perfection. Turns out, we were wrong. Christian Louboutin thinks Ken's better half is carrying some extra padding in her ankles. Louboutin -- the latest fashion designer to give the plastic icon a makeover (others have included Diane von Furstenberg, Anna Sui and … [Read more...]