The Femisphere: A Link Roundup

“Aborta al sistema, despenalización, úteros libres! [Abort the system, decriminalize Free the Uterus]
A Body Image, Body Politics, and Body Justice News Roundup

International Politics



U.S. Elections

  • When the deputy sheriff’s patrol cruiser pulled up beside him as he walked down Broad Street at sunset last August, Martee Flournoy, a 32-year-old black man, was both confused and rattled. He had reason: In this corner of rural Georgia, African-Americans are arrested at a rate far higher than that of whites. But the deputy had not come to arrest Mr. Flournoy. Rather, he had come to challenge Mr. Flournoy’s right to vote.



Environmental Racism



#Say Her Name



  • Police violence against black women is actively erased from larger narratives around state violence. Korryn Gaines was the ninth black woman shot and killed by police this year, illustrating clearly that not only does police violence impact black women at a disproportionate rate, but that as caretakers and providers for black children, the risk of extreme trauma and injury—even death—extends to the children of black women too. …We ought to ask ourselves: Where is the support for these women? Why are their deaths not given their due?- Korryn Gaines and the Erasure of Violence Against Black Women



  • “This is the country of my ancestors. It includes the fandango—music nicola-1that takes Spanish instruments and plays them with African style, songs like ‘La Bamba’ that trace their way back to slavery and still influence music today, and a Mexican president with both Spanish and African ancestry. This is my history, but no one is talking to us about it,” wrote Daniel as he reflected on the Afro-Mexican unit our class had just completed. – Rethinking Identity: Afro-Mexican History









  • [I]t’s so difficult for millions of girls and women to receive accurate ADHD diagnoses, if any; not only can ADHD can look like depression, OCD, and anxiety disorders (and vice versa), but psychiatrists, parents and educators are less likely to suspect that a well-behaved girl—let alone a high-achieving woman—could be struggling with a condition associated with boys who maintain gym-class-dodgeball levels of hyperactivity at all times. – ‘I Thought I Was Stupid’: The Hidden Struggle for Women with ADHD




Pop Culture & Representation


The Brujas Skate Crew in the Bronx, NY
The Brujas Skate Crew in the Bronx, NY

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