5 Ways to Have a Body-Positive Summer

By Erin McKelle

Oh, hi!

So you may have noticed that I’m doing this video in a bikini. And there’s a reason for it. Because today’s video is all about body positivity.  I am going to give you five ways today that you can have a body positive summer. So let’s get started.

The first thing is to share your bikini body pictures. I’ve done this on Tumblr and Instagram a couple of times now and it can be really empowering to show off your body, no matter what it looks like, without any shame.

And everyone – I mean everyone – has a bikini body. All you need to do to achieve one is to put a bikini on your body. Since society wants to tell us who can wear a bikini and who can’t, putting one on and documenting it is a great way to tell our fat-phobic society to fuck off.

Two: Celebrate all bodies – including your own, of course!

If you have a blog, try to display a diversity of bodies on it, or simply admire people of different races and body types and genders. Find the beauty that is in the diversity of people in this world. Appreciate the human form in all of its shapes, sizes, abilities, and colors.

Three: Read some body-positive books!

Adios Barbie has a great Amazon store that has a lot of great body-positive reads. And if you buy through their Amazon store, some of the proceeds will go directly to their work. But, the regular Amazon.com – and probably your local library – also have some great books to check out. Health at Every Size, Fat!So?, and Body Outlaws are great places to start.

Four: Eat, and celebrate food.

Summer was made for ice cream, picnics, and popsicles… so enjoy! Try some new recipes, and really think about what you’re eating and how it affects the views that you have about your body. Eat food that makes you and your body feel good. Get creative in the kitchen and on the grill.

Five: Stop focusing on beauty.

Our culture places a lot of emphasis on how you look… obviously. But have you ever noticed how it’s seeped into literally every aspect of our lives? We use the words “gorgeous,” “pretty,” and “beautiful” to describe everything. And we still devalue what is considered to be “ugly.” By noticing how we use this language, we can stop valuing beauty over ugliness. Because ugliness does have its place in the world, and beauty does not define us.

How are you going to have a body positive summer? I would love to hear about it in the comments, or if you’re so inclined, submit your bikini body photos on my Tumblr, Fearless Feminism, and I will definitely post them.

Have a great week, everyone, and I will see you soon!

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