Co-Founder Ophira Edut Speaks on Radical Self-Acceptance

In our first v-log, Ophira Edut, co-founder of Adios Barbie, speaks on why she created the site and the book Body Outlaws. She shares our unique approach to radical self-acceptance and why it’s not just about size–it’s about race, gender, sexuality, age, and ability. Ophira encourages you to work with what you’ve got as you can learn to  embrace it and love it. This doesn’t mean you have to give up make-up or fashion. It means we can own your body as it is and has always been perfect, whole and complete. Through our support, you can learn to make informed choices and question what our culture and media dictate beautiful and “normal”.

It’s time to create a new conversation and reality around our identities, our bodies, and most importantly our power. Don’t you think?


Ophira Edut on Loving Your Body from Ophira Edut on Vimeo.


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Do you love your body today?

3 thoughts on “Co-Founder Ophira Edut Speaks on Radical Self-Acceptance

    A Kean Professor used your book “Body Outlaws” for a course. I want to assign it too. Could you mail me a review copy ASAP? I am paricularly interested in researching, doing literature reviews, etc. on the question of whether we all take our selves, our bodies, our identities, too seriously and whether the entire world (just about) has lost its sense of humor. If there is going to be a real world wide revolution, I hypothesise that our identity differences are just the “tip of the iceberg”. I hypothesiz that what is at the CORE of our problems with accepting ourselves and each other is that we have mostly all lost our sense of humor. We seem to take out selves and even our “HUMANITY” TOO personally. (Even the idea of HUMANITY, is, after all a construct, and ide, a concept.) In other words we are all too arrogant! Maybe we are all just viruses! (The “Octo mom” made me think like this, because “Octomom” had so many babies, instead of having babies it was as if she had viruses!)lol
    I am also interested in investigating if it is possible to unconditionally, radically, love our (instinctive/intuitive?) body TOO much. In other words, could ABSOLUTE radical unconditional “self” (is it any longer a “self” once we are free from all social cultural constructs, identities, roles. etc.?) mean that “we” become closer to our animal essence, and this animal “aura” precedes some people who are possibly more in touch with presentness, flow, etc? Could it be that presentness, flow represents such an EMOTIONAL INTENSITY that it frightens others?
    I was raised in an insanely dramatic, dysfunctional family where INTENSITY was the norm, so that perhaps I SCARE everyone with my INTENSITY, (Hope I have avoided scaring you BTW, lol) and it may have little if anything to do with my appearance or my being in “flow”. Most others seem SO low energy compared to what I am used to, and I am SO used to HYPER INTENSITY, that compared to me, most others(even among othe PERFORMANCE ARTISTS, comedians, etc!) seem like robots, or even zombies, and my facial expressions and body language usually get the better of me and people can tell how I feel. (I may need to take acting lessons to LEARN how to ACT laid back and calm.) lol My students seem to like me, though!

    Lately I have been trying to “balance”? out my intensity with humor, but I think I am in the wrong field, because being a “funny academic” is an oxymoron. I have thought about coming up with a character, a persona of a kind of “Super her(o)ine who does spontaneous audience (classroom?) interactive “alternative improv”. I have a video doing this as THE ANONYMOUS REVOLUTIONARY (The beginning part about blacks and Israel needs to be re shot RE: the most important mission of all is for everyone to find their lost sense of humor, also its VERY jumpy and unprofessional, so I apologize ahead of time for what it lacks.)
    (I recently thought to rename and make THE ANONYMOUS REVOLUTIONARY to look mor gender ambiguous and to be called “OXY- MORON” for anonymous gendering, or I may keep the costume as is and become FAUXZIE FAUXY-MORON,. S/he would try to free the world from all CONSTRUCTED identities (ie social and cultural roles: race, gender, ethnicity, class, etc)., and would help audiences(students, etc.) find their lost sense of humor!

    I try to use my sense of humor, and I do stand up comedy, but it seems like EVERYONE else, with so few exceptions, EVEN among other comedians, takes EVERYTHING especially their body, and appearance, so seriously. My favorite quote of all time is “Appearances tyrannize over truth and are lords of happiness”. I thought it was a quote from Lord Byron, but I have been having difficulty confirming it. It may have been Goethe. Please send a review copy to:
    Barbara Todish
    444 Mt. Prospect Ave. Apt. 1610
    Newark, NJ 07104
    Though I prefer the review copy being sent to my home (the Newark Address, if your protocol for sending out review copies requires review copies to be sent to a university address, I understand. my University address:
    Professor Barbara Todish
    English Dept
    Kean University
    CAS 301E
    1000 Morris Ave.
    Union NJ 07083
    If you need proof of my employment, and/or a request on KEAN U letterhead, it may take me some time to obtain that., and I wanted to order your book asap so if there is any way you can expedite a review copy to me I would be very grateful. Hope we can talk sometime. Please call me at your convenience: 973 484-1023
    Sorry this is so long, Did I mention that your book (the little bits I was able to read on line) is VERY REVOLUTIONARY and you have a lot of courage to support alternatives to the status quo! With more authors, (editors?) like you we might make progress towards utopia! or at least learn to like, love ourselves and most importantly like and or love and value and validate our AUTHENTIC sense of humor, as opposed to our COMMERCIAL and PC “sense” of humor!

  2. My story is too long for the comment box because I’m 50 years old and I’ve been working with this issue all my life. I just want to share a couple of suggestions that have helped me:

    1) Kill your TV. I am on a media celibacy program which some people may find extreme, but its very helpful.

    2) Create your own media. I am an artist and create images of women as they are, frequently exaggerating “flaws” to highlight our variety and the beauty in our variety. If you can’t create your own media, seek out examples of more various figure types that you can integrate into your mind. A nude beach is one idea.

    3) Use an example from your life to model loving yourself. I use my pomeranian. When I look at my dog, I’m overwhelmed with a sense of loving and nurturing compassion. Not long ago, I decided I was going to love my body the way I love my dog, unconditionally. It worked! Now, a few months later, I realize it is not just my body that I’ve come to accept and love, but my whole being. Having that model helped me execute my decision.

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