Co-Founder Ophira Edut Speaks on Radical Self-Acceptance


In our first v-log, Ophira Edut, co-founder of Adios Barbie, speaks on why she created the site and the book Body Outlaws. She shares our unique approach to radical self-acceptance and why it’s not just about size–it’s about race, gender, sexuality, age, and ability. Ophira encourages you to work with what you’ve got as you can learn to  embrace it and love it. This doesn’t mean you have to give up make-up or fashion. It means we can own your body as it is and has always been perfect, whole and complete. Through our support, you can learn to make informed choices and question what our culture and media dictate beautiful and “normal”.

It’s time to create a new conversation and reality around our identities, our bodies, and most importantly our power. Don’t you think?


Ophira Edut on Loving Your Body from Ophira Edut on Vimeo.


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