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Angela Parker You're My SHero

Angela Parker of Body Inspired Fitness rockin' the strength she's got.

By Pia Guerrero

New Year’s Resolution

In 2010, I made a resolution. I was gonna get strong. As in, ‘I can do man push ups’ strong. I’d been way too stressed out. Which meant no time to take care of my physical bizniz. Soon enough too little protein and no exercise left me weak in the knees. And back. And legs. When I noticed myself out of breath going up a single set of stairs I realized it was time to seek professional help. No excuses. I was joining a local exercise boot camp. Eek!

Exercise Boot Camp? Really? Me?

When I showed up on day one I was worried. As a dancer I never really ran or lifted weights. Also our teacher Angela Parker kinda looked like a Barbie doll. You know — fit, tan, and blond. I was sure she’d go on and on about how we should do more lunges to fit into our prepubescent skinny jeans. To my surprise she didn’t say it that day or any other day after that. Instead she coached me for weeks to show up and work like it was my last day on earth. The motivation? To seek pure health, strength, and endurance.

Through her humor and a genuine commitment to loving our bodies for their power and grace, Angela motivated me and our group to be our strongest physical selves. Twelve weeks and two sessions later, I can do man-ups, run 2.5 miles, and go up twenty flights of stairs with no problem. My body image has transformed. I no longer know my body as weak or helpless. I’m capable and strong and freak’n proud of what my body can do. It is truly empowering.

Words from a Wise Workout Wonder Woman

I recently asked Angela to email me how she finds value in who she is and not in what she looks like. She had some pretty rockin’ things to say:

Hands down the best way for me to find value in who I am, and not in what I look like, is to inspire others to be as fit and healthy as possible. Healthy and fit does not mean NOT skinny and perfect. Only when we are the best, most vibrant, healthy and fit versions of ourselves can we truly connect with our own value. When I see my students get this concept, I feel it is the single greatest moment of my life. I also feel valuable … not hot and sexy. Being a person of who contributes to others is what makes me a beautiful person.

We have the unique opportunity everyday to go against the ridiculous images and messages the media feeds us. I think the best place to start is turn off the damn T.V. Next, STOP buying magazines that only tell you how imperfect you are. Then, surround yourself with real people who love you just the way you are. People who are invested and dedicated to living healthy and fun lives. People you know and have relationships with are real. The media is not, it is not your friend. The media is like that super mean kid from 7th grade that spread rumors about you and made fun of you. Stay away! :)

As you can see I truly believe in HAVING FUN and finding your own way. We are so lucky to have the opportunity to choose how we want to live our lives and who we want to be. Can you say VALUE now!

Angela Parker
Fitness Expert, Motivational Maven, All around happy person!
Owner of Body Inspired Fitness

Make 2011 the year to Flaunt it, Own it, Rock-n-Roll it!

As you know, we’re big fans here at Adios Barbie of highlighting body image boosting businesses and Body Outlaws. To kick off 2011, we’re here to offer you a potential resolution. Get into your body. Breathe. Stretch. Move. Enter this contest that Angela is hosting at Body Inspired Fitness. If you live in LA, Chicago, or New York you’ll get VIP treatment from Angela and her team.

The Grand Prize makeover week includes a value at up to $4,000.00 including:

  • Two personal training sessions each day with Angela Parker
  • Daily routine nutrition coaching
  • A 10-day cleanse, compliments of Paleta
  • A pantry makeover with good choices starting in the kitchen
  • A workout wardrobe provided by a leading fitness and lifestyle brand

For full contest details go to Body Inspired Fitness.



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