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Body Image: Are We Wired for Distortion?

By Ashley Solomon of Nourishing the Soul Do you ever wonder why you can’t seem to move past those disparaging thoughts about your hips or belly? Your weight may be less to blame than your brain, according to recent research on body image. While body image admittedly has many sources of influence (such as parental commentary … [Read more...]

Halloween is Frightening When it Sexualizes and Stereotypes

Halloween is the time when goblins come out from under bridges and vampires emerge from creepy coffins. It is also the time when gender and racial stereotypes fly onto the racks of costume shops with frightening speed. It seems with every passing year the line blurs between sexy get ups and age appropriate ones. Sexy women’s … [Read more...]

Do You Love Your Body Today?

Today, October 20, is NOW's Love Your Body Day. Since 1998, the National Organization for Women (NOW), the NOW Foundation and NOW chapters around the country have organized events in local communities, on college campuses and in schools to demand change. To the fashion, beauty, diet and advertising industries, we say: No more … [Read more...]

What Do You Get When a Boy Dresses Like a Girl? Acceptance!

As a girl I liked to wear clothes that could be considered "boyish". I received no judgment or questioning just love and support from my mom who let me dress myself at 3 years old. Why should it be different for little boys who are drawn to wear colors and things that sparkle and flow? This segment from the Seattle show, New Day … [Read more...]

Fat Talk Free Week: Banning the “F” Word

By Bonnie Rochman, TIME Coming soon to a college campus near you: a ban on "fat talk." O.K., so the ban is voluntary — and temporary — but it's designed to get students to think about the psychological effect of even seemingly innocuous comments like "Omigosh, you look so good — have you lost weight?" … [Read more...]

Are Your Roots Bad For Business?

By Debra J. Dickerson, SLATE Two very different stories about women—i.e., strength, beauty, femininity, fantasy, cowardice, bravery, and acquiescence—struck me this week.  I still don’t know whether they fill me with hope or sadness. First, there was the 22-year-old U. of Illinois student Disney recruited online and … [Read more...]

Body Image and Transgender Folks

By Valerie Martin The shopping and style blog, Racked, just introduced its newest guest blogger, Doll, who also happens to be its first transgender blogger. In Doll's first post, she talks about her transition to becoming a woman, and can you guess what her biggest concern is? Body shape. … [Read more...]

Hair Manifesto

By Marianne Schnall There are so many sagas I could tell you about me and my hair. The stories could probably fill a whole book. I could call it “The Hair Monologues.” Suffice it to say my relationship with my hair has been a huge factor in my life. It started with the basic premise, around 13, that I simply had the wrong … [Read more...]

Gays on TV: Despite Growth, Real Portrayals More Urgent Than Ever

by Pia Guerrero, Co-founder/editor Remember on Buffy the Vampire Slayer when Willow entered into a gay relationship with Tara, played by Amber Benson? It was a first for television that made me so proud to be a GenXer. At that time circa 1998, Adios Barbie was new on the scene but we knew we wanted to say something about this … [Read more...]