“Mom, do my legs look fat in these skinny jeans”?

photo from CityPages.com

photo from CityPages.com

By Valerie Martin

It’s no secret that “skinny jeans” have dominated the women’s denim market for the past year or two. But a new trend of marketing skinny jeans to kids has caused quite a stir and concern. Many are wondering whether the trend is bad for kids’, especially girls’, who already have delicate body image. Will this trend cause impressionable youngsters to pick up messages about what their bodies should look like, more than they already do? Or is it just a harmless fashion trend?

I have a strong, though admittedly biased, opinion on the subject. First of all, as a kid, I hated jeans. I know, abnormal. I just felt that they were so restricting, so I preferred leggings, skirts, dresses, skorts, you name it — anything but jeans. Thankfully, I grew out of that, and today I probably have around 15 pairs in my closet (and that’s after a few rounds of Goodwill trips.) How many of them are skinny jeans? None.

Skinny jeans are just not made for my body type. Every store carries my size of jeans, but apparently NO store carries my size in skinny jeans. Any pair that I find that comes close to fitting right gives me that nostalgic itch to break free. Even though I have a fairly slender/athletic build, skinny jeans have always made me feel self-conscious about my body and my legs. Give me a pair of bootcuts or flares, and I’m fine.

I know I’m not alone in this, and I hate the idea that young girls (and boys) might see “skinny jeans” and think that if their body type doesn’t fit in them, it must mean they’re not “skinny” enough. Then there’s the other thing that comes to mind when they hear the term skinny jeans: Countless mom’s saying, “I’ll feel so much better once I can fit into my skinny jeans!”

Sure, it’s just semantics, but kids pick up on that stuff — I certainly remember doing so.

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