Impossible Ideals: The Media and Body Image



By Dominique Shaw, Associated Content

I can’t turn on my television, read a magazine, or surf the net with out being bombarded by the airbrushed images of a perfect body. We inhale the idea that a thin body is normal. We believe that this false notion of beauty we see is achievable – just as long as you use this make up, buy these clothes reshape this and shape that.

My question is this, “Am I the only one that notices the little tiny writing at the bottom of the screen that says results not typical, results may very?” Yet this is how I’m supposed to look and dress. I’m being told that if I use this or that I will get the love, happiness or success I want. I’m told results are not typical. Of course what they mean is that chances are the results I’m looking for can not really be achieved.

The average model is 5’11” and weigh’s 117 pounds (Body Image). The average woman is 5’4” and weigh’s 140 pounds (Body Image) .When I look around, I see average models not Average Women. I see that thin is in, that thin is beautiful, that thin is perfect. What young lady doesn’t want to be beautiful? Where will beauty be found in a world that doesn’t show…

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