Beauty Comes in All Cup Sizes


Photo of Kiera Knightly from
Photo of Kiera Knightly from

By Valerie Martin recently launched a weekly series in which they post a set of photos celebrating celebrity body traits that may not be considered ideal by mainstream Hollywood standards — and we love the idea! Although we wouldn’t necessarily use the term “flaws” as this article does (albeit in quotation marks, they know these traits are not really flaws), we applaud their efforts to show that “the beautiful people” also have unique and quirky traits that contribute to, rather than detract from, their beauty.

In this first edition, CollegeCandy highlights A-cup actresses, such as Kristen Bell, Natalie Portman, Keira Knightley, and Cameron Diaz. You can almost guarantee that all of these women have been pressured at some point during their careers to consider breast augmentation, but they felt confident in the beauty of their natural bodies. We’re sure glad they did.

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Celebrating Celebrity ‘Flaws’: Flat and Fabulous at on May 13, 2010

One thought on “Beauty Comes in All Cup Sizes

  1. This makes sense…we’re always focussing on the most perfect bit of others’ bodies and the most imperfect part of our own! We’re able to look at another woman’s amazing cleavage/bum/nose and think ‘wow! She’s beautiful!’ but we can’t do this for ourselves because we’re so hung up on everything else. All these women look amazing, all small build so imagine how unnatural they’d look with implants!

    It makes me think of those weird mash-ups of all the best celebrity body parts to make one inevitably freakish-looking superwoman – those get made because everyone has bits of their bodies that they, or we, see as sub-par.

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