Call for PG Rating of Aussie Tween Magazines

“Scrutiny urged for tween magazines” by Jill Pengelley at The Advertiser on May 24, 2010

Total Girl Cover, March 2010
Total Girl Cover, March 2010

THE YWCA of Adelaide is calling for a PG rating for “tween girls” magazines, which it says are teaching six-year-olds to be sexually provocative.

Total Girl, Disney Girl and Barbie Magazine are the publications that concern the YWCA.

The association conducted a survey last month which found 75 per cent of respondents support PG ratings for tween magazines.

YWCA of Adelaide chief executive Anne Bunning said 26 per cent of six-year-olds and almost 50 per cent of 11-year-olds read at least one of the most popular magazines each month.

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3 thoughts on “Call for PG Rating of Aussie Tween Magazines

  1. For me, this quote says it all. “I work with youth from the 10 to 20 age but under that is where it’s really starting,” she said yesterday. “You’ve got toddlers in bras and we’ve heard of six-year-olds with eating disorders.”
    Depressing. Women have made progress in many ways over the last few decades but the sexualization and objectification of females has become much worse. Cherry

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