Lindsey Vonn Sports Illustrated Cover PICTURE: Photo Causes Controversy

We recently discovered this image of Lindsay Vonn’s SI cover from last month. Here’s what the Huff Post had to say:

Lindsey Vonn’s Sports Illustrated cover photo is causing controversy. The Olympic hopeful’s cover picture was released earlier in the week, and some are upset by the possibly sexually suggestive pose.

According to, women “are more likely than not to be in sexualized poses and not in action – and the most recent Vonn cover is no exception.” Do you agree?

via Lindsey Vonn Sports Illustrated Cover PICTURE: Photo Causes Controversy

If this other SI photo says anything, Vonn is purposely crafting her image to be overtly sexual. Would have been nice for Olympic fans to see and appreciate her body for it’s amazing athleticism. Instead she’d prefer to be known as a pin-up girl who is seen for how her body looks instead of how it competes. Hmmm reminds me of a time before Title IX. When women were considered athletically inferior and discouraged from participating in sports. Cuz you know back in the day it was thought that women’s bodies were designed for makin’ babies and not playing sports–or winning the Olympics.

Were not bashing Vonn for this latest move, for she’s just capitalizing our society’s lame thirst to have sexual stereotypes served up with their  sports. We don’t doubt that her beauty and brawn brought more attention to the winter Olympics this year. But is that a good enough excuse?

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  1. Its as if some people just REFUSE to see how much MORE women are than their physical appearance..which is why so many incredible female athlestes are ignored, while less talented “Hot” ones get the glory! Sad and oh so ignorant.

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