Vanity Fair’s Lack of Color

VANITY-FAIR-HOLLYWOOD-ISSUEFor Vanity Fair, the future is all white by Hannah Pool, The Guardian

Does anything strike you as odd about this latest ­Vanity Fair cover spread? Yes, it’s their 16th annual ­”Hollywood Issue”, shot as usual by Annie Leibovitz, and ­intending to herald the bright young things of Tinseltown, just in time for this year’s Oscars.

A row of elegantly coiffed pretty young things gaze out from the gatefold, draped on the lawn, showing just the right amount of powdered skin, styled to look just the right side of “available” (yet not too threatening). But look again, isn’t something missing? Granted, there are no men on the cover, but let’s ­assume that’s ­intentional. No, what I’m talking about is the ­complete lack of melanin. Read more: The Guardian

One thought on “Vanity Fair’s Lack of Color

  1. This is definitely odd and disappointing, but not surprising in the least. The lack of diversity in magazines is one of the reasons I stopped buying them years ago.

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