Supermodel Diversity Does Not Include 36-Inch Hips

LOVE-Supermodel Diversity

“8 Naked Supermodels = Body Diversity” by Sarah Menkedick at

This just in! Diversity has apparently been reduced to the millimeter of difference between Kate Moss and Amber Valleta’s naked hips!  Love Magazine is patting itself on the back for issuing eight separate covers for its third issue, each with a different naked supermodel holding her hands above her head in a not-very-subtle pose that, when laid flat on the tabletop, suggests something other than body diversity.

The issue, according to editor Katie Brand, is meant to show that “perfection is not fixed, timeless, or transcendent. It varies, as the measurements of our cover girls show.” Yep. Varies kind of like the way honey blond varies from sunny blond.

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