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Afro-Latinas and Why Blatina is Beautiful

Black is Beautiful: A Celebration of Afro-Latinas by Mariela Rosario, Latina Magazine In honor of Black History Month, we (Latina Magazine) decided to tackle a subject that comes up again and again in our community; the issue of racism. It has long caused controversy among Latinos, and it's important to illuminate what it … [Read more...]

Supermodel Diversity Does Not Include 36-Inch Hips

"8 Naked Supermodels = Body Diversity" by Sarah Menkedick at This just in! Diversity has apparently been reduced to the millimeter of difference between Kate Moss and Amber Valleta's naked hips!  Love Magazine is patting itself on the back for issuing eight separate covers for its third issue, each with a different … [Read more...]

Dove: Redefining Male Beauty

By Sharon Haywood Is male beauty found in ripped abs and bulging biceps? Is a man deemed attractive by the car he drives? Or by how much money he earns? If you look at commercials geared toward men as an indicator, you would have to deduce that square jawlines, snazzy sport cars, and a thick wallet equate with masculine … [Read more...]

Media Causing More Men to Pursue “Ideal” Body

  Bikini season's fast approaching, and while women may worry about what they look like, a new study suggests men are becoming just as concerned about sculpting their own bodies. University of Florida researchers have found that men with lower self esteem may be trying to compensate by bulking up fast. As muscularity's … [Read more...]

Size and Sardine Packed Southwest Airlines

By Pia Guerrero, Co-Founder/Editor I hate traveling on Southwest Airlines. In addition to the inescapable thought that the plane is dirty, I can't help feeling like a piece of meat jammed into a cage with a bunch of others waiting for our imminent doom. I can't recline comfortably without worrying I'm slamming the person behind … [Read more...]

Vanity Fair’s Lack of Color

For Vanity Fair, the future is all white by Hannah Pool, The Guardian Does anything strike you as odd about this latest ­Vanity Fair cover spread? Yes, it's their 16th annual ­"Hollywood Issue", shot as usual by Annie Leibovitz, and ­intending to herald the bright young things of Tinseltown, just in time for this year's Oscars. … [Read more...]

This Valentine’s Day Love the One You’re With

Remember the sappy saying, "You have to love yourself, before you love anyone else?" What better time to practice that advice than this Valentine's day. Take a break from your inner critic and show some love for the one you're really with 24/7. You! When you look in the mirror this Sunday think about what you see. Are you a bunch … [Read more...]

Perceptions Shown to Affect Desire to Lose Weight

Her Body: Women and Weight - By Barbara Kantrowitz - A few months back Pat accidentally tried on a pair of size 2 jeans at an outlet store and was astounded to discover that they fit. Of course, she bought them; she had never had a pair of size 2 pants in her closet?ever. But she couldn't resist asking the clerk why … [Read more...]

Male body snarking and Jon Hamm’s “Muffin Top”

by Guest Contributor Tami, originally published at What Tami Said Actor Jon Hamm ("Mad Men"), like Justin Timberlake and Alec Baldwin, has revealed himself to be a host with the comedic power to redeem the increasingly unfunny "Saturday Night Live." Hamm hosted the show this past Saturday with musical guest Michael Buble. … [Read more...]

Transgender Beauty in India

By Sharon Haywood For women and men alike, self-image and self-esteem are often intimately linked. For transgender people, positive self-image and high self-esteem can be elusive at best. In India, the combined efforts of activists and businesses attempt to alter this reality via the country's first-ever transgender beauty … [Read more...]