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Fat and Happy: Why “The Biggest Loser” Loses

by Tami Winfrey Harris I have struggled with weight all my life--mostly because in my younger years I was unable to accept that my larger frame was natural and healthy for me. Unhappy with a 12, I dieted and deprived and fretted over calories, and wound up a 14. Unhappy with that size, I measured and counted and starved my … [Read more...]

7 Ways to Love Your Body Through Thick and Thin (Just in time for Love Your Body Day! – October 21st)

So this Wednesday, October 21st, is Love Your Body Day. What better reason to take the day off from criticizing, comparing or hiding your body. How would you feel if you truly rocked what your momma gave you? Even if just for this day? The National Organization for Women (NOW) Foundation is hosting the day and has a number of ways … [Read more...]

Barbie’s Ankles Too Fat for Louboutin’s StyleList Fashion Blog

Silly us. All these years we thought Barbie was the picture of perfection. Turns out, we were wrong. Christian Louboutin thinks Ken's better half is carrying some extra padding in her ankles. Louboutin -- the latest fashion designer to give the plastic icon a makeover (others have included Diane von Furstenberg, Anna Sui and … [Read more...]

I’m Saving My Cheers Over New, “Authentic” Black Barbie Line

by Tami Winfrey Harris, originally published at What Tami Said EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - (Business Wire) MattelĀ® announced today the launch of So In Style, a new line of black dolls by BarbieĀ® featuring more authentic-looking facial features such as fuller lips, a wider nose, more distinctive cheek bones and curlier hair. So In Style … [Read more...]

Speaking of Hair, If You’re Near Barnard College…

PANEL: Just Hair?: Women, Politics, Passion and Fashion Thursday, October 15, 6:30 p.m. Barnard College James, Room, 4th Floor Barnard Hall West 117th Street and Broadway Long, short, sleek, bold, kinky, natural, covered or shaved?no matter how you cut it, women?s hair is a frequent topic of conversation. But why all the … [Read more...]

Chris Rock’s Documentary Gets to the Root of Good Hair

You gotta see "Good Hair." It's a great film for everyone, taking a humorously candid look at the politics of and price paid for beauty. A mix between Chris Rock's cheeky stand-up and Michael Moore's tongue-in-cheek documentaries, you'll be surprised by the facts presented around the national and global politics surrounding the … [Read more...]

Image of Ultra-Thin Ralph Lauren Model Sparks Outrage

by Brett Michael Dykes for Shine from Yahoo! In recent years an ongoing debate has brewed over advertisers and fashion magazines using photographs, particularly photographs of women, that have seemingly been altered, or "retouched," by airbrushing and photo editing software such as Photoshop. The latest such image to cause an … [Read more...]

German Magazine Swaps Thin Models for Real Women

By Melissa Eddy (Associated Press) BERLIN - Germany's most popular women's magazine announced Monday that it is banning professional models from its pages in favor of "real women" in an attempt to combat an unhealthy standard of rail-thin beauty that it says has isolated its readers. The editor-in-chief of Germany's bimonthly … [Read more...]

Huff Post’s “Craziest Birth Stories of All Time” is Hateful Modern Day Freak Show

Banking on a dark history where bodily difference in disabled people, people of color, fat people, and LGBTQ people has equated freakish, abominations of God, The Huffington Post has fallen off the deep end to lure its readers. Instead of informing us around the evolving ethics and politics around birth and body across the globe, … [Read more...]