Accept Your Body by Reading Your Face

by Contributor Mary Joo

What if your face told the real story about your personality and character, how you’ll fare in love, whether you’ll end up rich or struggling to succeed? According to the ancient art of Chinese face reading, your destiny is-literally-written all over your face. Could an un-Botoxed brow leave you passed over at the dance? Would a chin implant help you climb the corporate ladder? Does a long nose spell financial fortune? Stop before you chop!

At first take, the idea sounds a lot like biological determinism, an unpalatable notion in our Western culture. Not so, says Jean Haner, author of The Wisdom of Your Face: Change Your Life with Chinese Face Reading! (Hay House, 2008).

Haner has spent 25 years teaching and consulting on how to read people’s inner natures through their faces. She likens the technique to acupuncture and other Chinese balancing methods. In other words, there’s a whole network of wisdom happening in your body-and on your mug-and you can benefit immensely from understanding it.

Haner believes that most people spend their lives struggling with two questions: Who am I, and what is my calling? Your face reveals what Haner calls your “original design”-the essential you that gets masked “after years of living according to other people’s expectations and judgments about who you should be.” Through her work, she helps clients, students and readers how to reconnect with their original design, “empowering them to live by their true nature and fulfill their purpose in the world.” In fact, by changing your emotions or understanding yourself better, your face can subtly shift, giving a whole different read.


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