A New Take on Body Image

Two of my favorite body image authors are coming to the 92nd Street Y in Manhattan on March 11th at 8p.m. I’ll be there, and if you’re in NYC, I hope you will, too.

Pioneering psychotherapist Susie Orbach, who wrote Fat Is a Feminist Issue, will talk about her new book, Bodies. In it, Orbach draws on neuropsychology research for a new take on what makes us strive to change our bodies. I’ve been waiting for someone to really make a strong connection between the brain and body image, and Orbach has done it.

Orbach will be interviewed by New York Times science writer Gina Kolata, author of the groundbreaking book Rethinking Thin. It will be awesome to hear two such knowledgeable women take on this topic from a scientific angle.

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