Jessica Simpson’s Controversial Curves


By Ophira Edut

Today’s understatement: I’m not a huge Jessica Simpson fan. Her singing is insipid, her “dad-ager” creeps me out, and she seems totally dependent on men for self-esteem. But I have to say, big courage to her for flaunting a figure that looks more like the average American woman’s than I’ve seen on any Hollywood celeb in decades.

At a Chili Cookoff in Florida, a noticeably heavier J-Simp exercised her “right to bare arms” by flaunting her fleshier bod in a tank top and an (admittedly unflattering) pair of high-waisted jeans. Naturally, this set off a firestorm of media attention, conveniently landing her on the cover of People magazine.

Publicity stunt or not, if this puts a little more meat on some Tinseltown booties, then let Jessica set a trend that spreads faster than her “Tuna or chicken?” bit. Perhaps we could live to see Jennifer Aniston eat a carb again, or Madonna show a little less arm tendon.

Sister Ashlee spoke out in Jessica’s defense, telling People, “How can we expect teenage girls to love and respect themselves in an environment where we criticize a size 2 figure?” It’s great that she took a stand. However, I can’t help but remember Ashlee’s own nose job, which came after years of this same anti-glamour talk. Even Ashlee fell prey to the same media machine that she rails against.

Hey, that’s reality. If it was so easy to ignore powerful media images, we’d all be walking around proudly flaunting “muffin tops” or flat chests or whatever. Still, I dig the idea of Tony Romo lovin’ up a more padded Jessica Simpson. Hearing about a Hollywood icon being adored after weight gain, rather than jilted for a supermodel, makes me happy.

Of course, I wouldn’t be surprised if Joe Simpson orchestrates the next phase of her career and has her peddling the Jessica Simpson diet and fitness plan. You know, to go along with the hair extensions, body lotions, shoes and handbags. A girl can never have to many jobs, I guess. But I’m secretly hoping there are a few more bowls of chili in her future first.

7 thoughts on “Jessica Simpson’s Controversial Curves

  1. I’m actually pretty impressed with this, considering her past music video wherein she washes a car with her bikini-clad breasts. You could see all of her ribs in that music video; it was actually quite alarming.

    I know people may want to be cynical and say this isn’t a big deal, but hey, it’s definitely a start.

  2. I don’t think she looks that different and it saddens me a bit that this article was even put up here. She looks like she’s gained, what, half a stone? and now all of a sudden she’s a fat fuck and you feel as though you should write an article of how she’s embracing her ‘weight gain’. I feel massive now as I’m about her weight in that photo.

  3. i think she looks better that way…..but she needs to get a better pair of pants…lol….sorry jessica

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